Cheap Accountants

Cheap accountants

Cheap Accountants

We hate calling ourselves cheap accountants! We prefer low cost accountants, or competitively priced accountants, but that’s too much of a mouthful! However, compared to traditional high street accountants, we’re certainly a lot cheaper. Even most online accountants aren’t as cheap as we are. So cheap accountants it is then. But does that mean cheap and nasty? Does it mean cheap and slow? Does it mean cheap for a short time then gone forever? Certainly not, to all of those!

How much are cheap accountants?

We’re as cheap as £50 per year if you only need a personal tax return (i.e. no accounts). Or we are as cheap as £20 per month if you do need accounts as well as a tax return and advice. Click on Instant Quote to calculate our fees – instantly! You don’t need to wait for an email but we will follow up the instant quote with a detailed quote and then up to 4 emails. We promise to leave you alone and to not send you spam. Or click on Pricing to view all of our packages and fees.

How much are other accountants?

Traditional high street accountants probably wouldn’t get out of bed to do accounts for anything less than £1,500, or simple personal tax returns for £250. Online accountants vary, but unless you have a very low amount of annual sales, there aren’t many that are cheaper accountants than us – not by meaningful amounts anyway. You have to watch out for add-ons too, like a personal tax return, mortgage references, annual forms submitted to Companies House, meetings. All of these are included in our accounts packages. Also, are they fully qualified accountants?

Are we cheap and nasty accountants?!

You can see from our Client Reviews that we’re the opposite of nasty! Friendly, delightful, patient, understanding and excellent are just a few of the attributes given to us. Also, we are a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). They are the oldest and most prestigious of accountancy bodies. ACCA and ICAS are the other UK bodies that other accountants should be members of to be fully qualifed. As an ICAEW member, we are regularly inspected to ensure we follow strict quality and ethical guidelines, otherwise we get fined and even disqualified. So whatever we do, it will not be nasty, even though we’re cheap accountants.

Are we cheap and slow accountants?

We promise to respond to messages within 1 day, to monthly/quarterly jobs within 8 working days, and to annual jobs within 22 working days. In fact we’re normally much quicker than that, but we have to allow for the occasional busy periods and holidays etc. Compared to what a lot of our new clients say when they move from other accountants, and based on our experience, that’s not at all slow! Cheap accountants but not slow accountants.

Will we disappear?

We certainly hope we’re not going to disappear anytime soon! Since 2013 we’ve been providing a great service to many loyal happy clients. We also try to keep on top of the technology curve, keeping ahead of the pack. In fact we specialised in online accounting back in 2013, not long after the start of Xero and Quickbooks Online. We also have all our systems in place and ready to go to help more and more businesses like yours in their quest for cheap accountants.

How are we cheap accountants?

We do everything online from home. So our costs are low. Also, by doing everything online, and having most of our clients use online accounting, we’re very efficient. We also have automated systems to do a lot of the admin work for us. So it takes less time to give you a great service. Read more about how we work.

Try cheap accountants

So we might be cheap accountants, but we’re also good, fast, and we hope to be around for a long while yet! Give us a try. You can cancel or change packages at any time. There is no tie-in period, we would only charge you for the actual work done. Get an instant quote now or contact us if you have any questions.