Cheaper Accounts from £20 per month

Cheaper accounts are here! For as little as £20 per month plus VAT, you can now have a great and efficient accountancy service from CloudBook Accountants.

What’s included?

Our new more basic ‘Annual’ package includes:
  • certified business accounts
  • a business tax return
  • a personal tax return
  • routine Companies House forms
  • up to an hour of advice.

Who is it for?

This new cheaper accounts service is available to businesses who already use online accounting and just need the basic service from a fully qualified, experienced accountant. For those that may need more help throughout the year, our Annual+ package is just an extra £10 plus VAT per month, and comes with unlimited general advice and quarterly reviews of your online accounting records.

How can we offer cheap fixed fees?

Firstly, we do everything online, from signing you up to signing your accounts off – see how we work. It’s easier and a lot more efficient, so it takes us less time overall to provide services to you. Secondly, online accounting has improved immensely over the past few years. If used well, it usually makes the task of preparing your accounts and tax returns simpler. It also means it doesn’t take us much longer to prepare accounts for a larger business with tidy online records, than it would for a smaller business. So we can offer the same fixed fees to virtually all businesses that use online accounting well.

Why now?

CloudBook Accountants launched back in 2013 as an online accounting specialist. At the time, online accounting was still relatively new and many businesses were making their first move online from manual or desktop accounting. Today, we recognise that the majority of small businesses are now reaping the benefits from online accounting and have been doing so for some time now. As such, those businesses probably don’t need as much help as before with their online accounting. That’s why we’ve launched this more basic package.

Cheaper Accounts

The new Annual package is priced according to the following business types:

  • £20 plus VAT per month for Sole Traders
  • £30 plus VAT per month for Partnerships
  • £40 plus VAT per month for Companies

Contact us now to start benefiting sooner from our cheaper accounts package.