Get Paid Faster With Satago Credit Control Add-on

Chasing late payers is a tiresome burden that can now be automated thanks to a credit control add-on for online accounting called Satago. We use it here at CloudBook Accountants and it saves us many hours each month.

Satago automatically sends statements and polite reminders to all of your customers with invoices due or overdue. Undoubtedly this will improve the cashflow and potentially the profit of any business who suffers from late paying customers or bad debts.  It does this by emailing each customer up to 5 times per invoice, as well as sending monthly statements. All without the click of a button!

Once it’s set up with your online accounting software such as Xero, you don’t have to go back into Satago unless you wish to cancel a reminder before it’s sent to a customer – Satago email you the working day before a reminder is due to be sent. Even setting it up is just a case of clicking a few buttons.

This credit control add-on links with almost all of the online accounting software available, with the only notable exception being the free Wave Accounting. To mention just a few, it works well with Xero, Kashflow, QuickBooks Online and SageOne.

Once you’ve registered with Satago, you’re invited to log into your online accounting software provider from the Satago website. It will then import details all of your customers and sales invoices. It then refreshed this data daily, so if your online accounting software is up to date, Satago will be just a day behind at the most. You can manually sync it too if you wish.

Other setting up is optional, but recommended. For example, you may not want to send statements on the 1st of each month, so you can change the date. You may prefer not to send a reminder before the due date so you can turn this reminder off completely. All of the reminders and statements can be also be tailored to suit your style. That’s mostly all you’ll need to do.

Satago will then do all the work of chasing customers for payment for you. So you can concentrate on making more money rather than chasing money. This is credit control add-on you can’t afford to be without. Ask us for more details or visit the Satago website.

Get Satago ‘Always Free’ or with a 15% discount for clients of CloudBook

Our clients who ask us to sign them up for Satago will get a 15% discount off of Satago’s prices which range from Always Free, to £15pcm, to £30pcm. Visit the Satago website for more details.