Digital Accountants

CloudBook are digital accountants. Since starting up in 2013 we have specialised in providing a totally digital accounting service. From signing up to signing off, everything is done online – see how we work. As online accounting software specialists, we are in a perfect position to help you with Making Tax Digital (MTD). Everyone will need to comply with MTD, HMRC’s new regulations. Are your accountants making tax digital ready?

Digital accountants
Photo by Mikael Blomkvist

What are digital accountants?

A digital accountant does everything online and provides all services in electronic format, rather than on paper or in person. We don’t use artificial intelligence (yet!), but we use intelligent and efficient cloud services to provide our clients with a 5.0 star service (Google 13/03/2023).

Why use digital accountants?

Everything is going digital, from banking to books, and from TV to tax. HMRC are gradually making tax digital for everyone. That means keeping your accounting records online and submitting an digital tax return which has links to your digital records. So you will need an accountant who knows all about digital accounting. Using a fully digital accountant can save you accountants fees because they should be more efficient and have lower costs. Digital accountants should also use much less resources, so using one would reduce your environmental footprint.

What is digital accounting?

Digital accounting is online accounting. Where you record all of your business or tax transactions using software. That software will categorise your transactions into appropriate categories e.g. sales, materials, wages, rent. Then you can provide and digitally submit reports of your totals to HMRC as part of their new making tax digital regime. This is already a requirement for all VAT registered businesses. Making Tax Digital will soon be a requirement for the self-employed (including landlords), companies, and individuals.

Is it easy to use digital accounting?

Being specialist digital accountants for over 10 years has given us experience of many different digital accounting providers. Some are difficult to use but most are easy to use and we know which is which. So we can help you choose the best online accounting software for your small business. The best accounting software is not only easy to use but will save you time through various features. For example:

  • Automatically importing bank transactions
  • Rules to automatically categorise transactions
  • Repeating transactions
  • Reusable templates for quotes, invoices etc.
  • Email invoices with a payment link
  • Many reports to help you run your business
  • Complying with HMRC at the click of a few buttons

Is there any cheap digital accounting software?

Yes, there is free online accounting such as Pandle and Quickfile. Cheap online accounting such as Pandle Pro, QuickBooks Essentials, and Xero Starter. And not-so cheap digital accounting such as QuickBooks and Xero Standard. However, as digital accountants we can get you discounts on some of these. Such as 50% off of Pandle Pro, 15% off of Xero, and similar discounts for FreeAgent. Even if you pay for software, you will be saving overall if you factor in the time you’ll save using its many features.

Aren’t all accountants digital now?

Certainly not. There are still traditional accountants with expensive offices, using tons of energy, with staff travelling many miles, using forests of paper, wasting time in many meetings. They might say they are digital accountants, and the final paper version gets submitted to HMRC digitally, but they are not fully digital. We are and we’ve been helping to save the planet since 2013.

Signing up digitally

We can have an online meeting to discuss your needs, or a telephone call, or simply emails to answer any questions you have. Our online sign-up form can securely take all of your details we might need, or just one or two essential details. Then we upload a contract (engagement letter) to an online e-signature service. You can email or upload a copy of your identity to our secure online filing service. Then we check it using a secure service. That’s it! You could be signed up within 1 hour.

Getting your digital tax returns done

We use secure cloud services to turn your accounting or tax records into digital accounts and digital tax returns. Then we upload your digital reports for you to approve then digitally sign. Finally, you can pay our cheap accountants fees using an online payment service, or your online banking. So you could sign up and sign-off all within 1 day, without either of us travelling anywhere, or using a piece of paper. Being digital accountants makes everything easier for you and us, so our fees stay low. Get a quote now – online of course!