Our fixed fee tax returns cost from £55pa to £240pa plus VAT. The cost of tax returns vary depending on how many and what types of income you have. If you just have employment income and benefits, your ‘Employee’ tax return costs £55pa plus VAT. If you own one or two businesses, investment properties, or shares, your ‘Owner’ tax return costs £110pa plus VAT. Investing in more than a couple of each of the above will increase the cost to £165pa plus VAT for our ‘Investor’ tax return. However, if you have any capital gains or foreign income, we charge an ‘Investor+’ price of £220pa plus VAT for your tax return. Our accounts packages include one Owner tax return. You can see all of our prices here.

For VAT returns, you’ll need to be on at least our Quarterly package. Our Quarterly package includes VAT returns and quarterly management accounts, a business and a personal tax return, and unlimited advice. Our Quarterly packages including VAT returns cost £44pm for sole traders, £55pm for partnerships, or £66pm for limited companies.

VAT returns are also included in our Monthly package which has bookkeeping and monthly management accounts included in the cost. All of our packaged accounts prices are detailed here.

For accounts, you’ll need to be on at least the Annual package. The Annual package includes a business and a personal tax return, and advice for about 1 hour per year. Our Annual packages including accounts cost £22pm for sole traders, £33pm for partnerships, or £44pm for limited companies.

Accounts are also included in our packages: Annual+, Quarterly, and Monthly. As well as accounts and tax returns, these packages have more services included in the cost, such as regular reviews of your online accounting, VAT returns, and bookkeeping. All of our packaged accounts prices are detailed here.

For us to do your bookkeeping every month (or less frequently), you need to be on our Monthly package (see pricing). This includes us dealing with up to 50 transactions per month. If you need us to process more than 50 transactions per month, you can pay for Extra Bookkeeping allowances. Every extra allowance of 50 transactions per month, costs an extra £33 per month plus VAT. So if we deal with between 51 and 100 transactions per month, we will add £33 to the monthly fee. If we process 101 to 150 transactions per month, we will add a total of £66 to the monthly fee.

Any additional bookkeeping work not covered by our fixed monthly fees, or by our extra bookkeeping fee, will be charged at £33 per hour plus VAT.

Our bills show our bank details for you to make a direct payment to us or set up a standing order.

Each bill will also have a link to Pay Now. By default this will take you to a GoCardless service which will offer a few options for you. 1. To make a one off payment. 2. To set up a manual monthly payment that requires your approval. 3. To set up an automatic monthly payment that will take the invoice amount on the due date without your approval.

If you prefer to pay using a credit card, let us know and we’ll change the bill so that the Pay Now link takes you to a Stripe Service.

If we started billing you after the start of an accounting period, your bill will mention that the fee for that service is for a number of months ago. This is to help us determine whether or not a final amount is payable if/when you decide to leave us.

For example, let’s say we start billing you in month 6 of the first accounting year that we prepare accounts for. Your monthly bill will state for the accounts fee that it is “for the month of trading 5 months ago” i.e. the bill sent in month 6 relates to the accounts fee for month 1. Then let’s say we prepare your annual accounts for you in month 12 (before the year end for an easy example). At that point we have only billed you for 7 monthly accounts fees (months 6 to 12). So if you were to leave at that point, we will need to bill you a further 5 months of accounts fees, to take the total number of monthly payments up to 12. For more details see the FAQ: Is there a tie-in period?

In a way, yes, but only if necessary so that you pay for the services received. To keep things simple, we ask clients to start paying the low fixed monthly fees soon after they sign up with us. There are no ‘catch-up’ fees at the start. So the monthly payments could start be part way through the accounting year or even after the accounting year when the accounts are already due. So by the time we prepare the first set of annual accounts, less than 12 monthly payments have been paid. The accounts part of the monthly payments need to continue until we’ve received 12 for each set of annual accounts we have prepared.

We also need to receive the number of payments for other services that cover the period we have provided those other services. So for example, if we’ve prepared 5 quarterly VAT returns for you, the VAT return part of the monthly payment needs to be paid 15 times (5 x 3 months) to cover that work done.

When (if!) you decide to stop using CloudBook’s services there may be a final fee to pay to cover the work we’ve done that hasn’t been invoiced yet. Whether or not there will be a final fee will depend on when during the year you leave, and how far in ‘arrears’ we are billing you for each service. For an indication, your bill will mention that the service relates to a number of months ago. For more details, see FAQ: Why is my monthly bill for a number of months ago?

Our prices are detailed here, including monthly prices for everything except tax returns which are stated annually. These prices (plus VAT) are the amount you’ll need to pay for the length of time that equals the time period of the services provided. So if we prepare a set of annual accounts for you, you’ll need to pay the monthly fee 12 times. If you’ve paid 18 times by the time we do your annual accounts, then you leave, we’ll owe you 6 monthly accounts fees.

Most clients are billed on the 1st of every month. Some clients are billed annually when we provide draft annual accounts or a draft personal tax return.