Not normally but you can request one. We provide a Summary & Review report with your accounts. This explains in detail what is included in the accounts and the accompanying documents. Where necessary, we will add any additional comments, analysis, notes, questions, and tips. If you are on the Annual+ package or higher, and use online accounting we also provide a review every 3 months. On the Annual+ package you’ll need to reply to the email reminding you that the quarterly review is due.

If you have any questions about anything, you can email us, call us, or video call us. You can book an appointment using the link in our email signature.

For us to do your bookkeeping every month (or less frequently), you need to be on our Monthly package (see pricing). This includes us dealing with up to 50 transactions per month. If you need us to process more than 50 transactions per month, you can pay for Extra Bookkeeping allowances. Every extra allowance of 50 transactions per month, costs an extra £33 per month plus VAT. So if we deal with between 51 and 100 transactions per month, we will add £33 to the monthly fee. If we process 101 to 150 transactions per month, we will add a total of £66 to the monthly fee.

Any additional bookkeeping work not covered by our fixed monthly fees, or by our extra bookkeeping fee, will be charged at £33 per hour plus VAT.

Reconciling is agreeing the balances in your bookkeeping records (e.g. the bank account balance), to other records (e.g. the bank statement). Confusingly, to ‘reconcile’ on Xero’s accounting software, means to categorise a bank transaction or to match it to an invoice/bill/transfer. You still need to check that Xero agrees (reconciles) with bank statements.

If you provide the bank/creditcard statements every month, we will check that your bank/creditcard balances reconcile with the bank statements every month.

However, our bookkeeping fees don’t include reconciling any other records, such as customer or supplier accounts. These can become quite messy if there are many transactions, or if not all of the documents are provided, or if the bank transactions don’t match the invoices/bills. So if you need help with this it will cost extra.

The essential part of bookkeeping is to categorise all of the bank transactions, either directly to the appropriate account (e.g. travel costs), or against a sales invoice or purchase bill.

If you provide all of the purchase bills, we can either add those bills to your accounting software, then match the bank payments to the bills. Or we can simply use the bills to help us determine how to categorise the bank payments.

We don’t usually get involved with sales invoicing. However, if you need us to enter/upload these onto your accounting software, we can. Either way, we will try to match bank income to sales invoices. If you don’t use/provide sales invoices, bank income will be categorised directly to the appropriate account e.g. sales.

The more transactions we deal with, the more it could cost you. Our Monthly package includes up to 50 transactions per month. For every extra allowance of 50 transactions per month, it costs an extra £30 per month plus VAT.

We do bookkeeping monthly, within 10 days after you let us know that we have everything we need to do your bookkeeping. If you don’t provide the information or the ‘go-ahead’ every month, we’ll do more than one month at a time but you may need to allow more than 10 days for us to complete it.

We’ll email you at the start of every month to remind you to provide your bookkeeping records. You’ll need to let us know when we have everything you think we’ll need. Usually it’s just the following:

  1. Transactions refreshed/downloaded into your software for all bank accounts (or a CSV file of transactions)
  2. Further details of income/payments/VAT (if not obvious from 1)
  3. Details of any other income receivable or costs incurred for the month e.g. mileage.

You can either email or upload everything to software (e.g. Xero Files, Iris, or a shared Google Drive folder).