Once you provide us with your details, at least your name, business name, and address, here’s what happens next:

  1. We upload an Engagement Letter for you to check and e-sign.
  2. You’ll be given access to a file sharing website.
  3. We’ll ask for some further details about the significant business owners.
  4. You’ll need to upload copies of identification for each of the significant business owners.
  5. If you have a current accountant, we’ll contact them to request a handover.
  6. You’ll be invited to download free business and tax saving guides, and to subscribe to our monthly tax tips emails.
  7. Once we have everything we need, we can start to provide you with accountancy services.

Whoever first contacts you, will be your main contact for the foreseeable future. Everything will go through your main contact. So you don’t need to deal with a different person every time you need anything. Your main contact is hands-on and will be familiar with all of the work we do for you.

Our prices are detailed here, including monthly prices for everything except tax returns which are stated annually. These prices (plus VAT) are the amount you’ll need to pay for the length of time that equals the time period of the services provided. So if we prepare a set of annual accounts for you, you’ll need to pay the monthly fee 12 times. If you’ve paid 18 times by the time we do your annual accounts, then you leave, we’ll owe you 6 monthly accounts fees.

You just need to provide us with your current accountant’s details when you sign up with us. We’ll do the rest. We’ll provide you with a letter to approve, which authorises your current accountant to hand over everything to us. That’s all you need to do.

An engagement letter is an informal contract of service. It explains the service that we will provide, and what our respective responsibilities are. As well as an engagement letter for each type of service we provide, we also have standard terms of business which apply to all clients. All of these documents are online here.

If anything changes on any of these documents, we’ll let you know and the full history will be available online.

To start the signup process, we just need your name, business name, and address. Once we have these details, we’ll upload an Engagement Letter for you to check and e-sign. There are other details we’ll need at some point, and you can provide some of those now if you prefer by submitting a signup form. If you need us to register a new company for you, we also have a new company form which can be used as a signup form instead.

As soon as possible so that you don’t delay receiving professional tailored advice from fully qualified and experienced chartered accountants. Some businesses lose out financially or don’t comply with the law because they didn’t take advice soon enough (e.g. whether to register for VAT, PAYE etc.).

If you are moving from another accountant, you don’t have to wait until they have dealt with a certain period, you can switch at any time. We’ll take over part way through a period and continue from where your previous accountant stopped.