Do you reconcile my bookkeeping records?

Reconciling is agreeing the balances in your bookkeeping records (e.g. the bank account balance), to other records (e.g. the bank statement). Confusingly, to ‘reconcile’ on Xero’s accounting software, means to categorise a bank transaction or to match it to an invoice/bill/transfer. You still need to check that Xero agrees (reconciles) with bank statements.

If you provide the bank/creditcard statements every month, we will check that your bank/creditcard balances reconcile with the bank statements every month.

However, our bookkeeping fees don’t include reconciling any other records, such as customer or supplier accounts. These can become quite messy if there are many transactions, or if not all of the documents are provided, or if the bank transactions don’t match the invoices/bills. So if you need help with this it will cost extra.