How do I give you access to my HMRC account?

So that we can see some of your HMRC account, you need to authorise us as your tax agent. You need to do this for each tax service. If we have sufficient details we can ask HMRC to send you an authorisation code. HMRC will post the code to the address HMRC have for that service. Let us know what that code is.

Alternatively, you can authorise us on your HMRC online account by following the instructions below. The procedure may vary depending on your account and any recent HMRC updates.

1 Log into your HMRC account

2. Click on Manage account

3. Click on Add, view or change tax agents

4. Select the service you’d like to change

5. Select Add an agent or Manage agents

6. Remove any old agents and add us using code: CloudBookAcc-GJ11GU1XV5JG. Click on Continue

7. Click on Add Agent