How do you process my bookkeeping transactions?

The essential part of bookkeeping is to categorise all of the bank transactions, either directly to the appropriate account (e.g. travel costs), or against a sales invoice or purchase bill.

If you provide all of the purchase bills, we can either add those bills to your accounting software, then match the bank payments to the bills. Or we can simply use the bills to help us determine how to categorise the bank payments.

We don’t usually get involved with sales invoicing. However, if you need us to enter/upload these onto your accounting software, we can. Either way, we will try to match bank income to sales invoices. If you don’t use/provide sales invoices, bank income will be categorised directly to the appropriate account e.g. sales.

The more transactions we deal with, the more it could cost you. Our Monthly package includes up to 50 transactions per month. For every extra allowance of 50 transactions per month, it costs an extra £30 per month plus VAT.