Is there a tie-in period?

In a way, yes, but only if necessary so that you pay for the services received. To keep things simple, we ask clients to start paying the low fixed monthly fees soon after they sign up with us. There are no ‘catch-up’ fees at the start. So the monthly payments could start be part way through the accounting year or even after the accounting year when the accounts are already due. So by the time we prepare the first set of annual accounts, less than 12 monthly payments have been paid. The accounts part of the monthly payments need to continue until we’ve received 12 for each set of annual accounts we have prepared.

We also need to receive the number of payments for other services that cover the period we have provided those other services. So for example, if we’ve prepared 5 quarterly VAT returns for you, the VAT return part of the monthly payment needs to be paid 15 times (5 x 3 months) to cover that work done.

When (if!) you decide to stop using CloudBook’s services there may be a final fee to pay to cover the work we’ve done that hasn’t been invoiced yet. Whether or not there will be a final fee will depend on when during the year you leave, and how far in ‘arrears’ we are billing you for each service. For an indication, your bill will mention that the service relates to a number of months ago. For more details, see FAQ: Why is my monthly bill for a number of months ago?