What do you need to do my accounts?

Before your year end, we will email you with tax saving tips, and a list of things you may need to measure at the year end e.g. a stock valuation.

After the year end and every 4 weeks until we receive your records/’go-ahead’, we will email with a list of what we need to do your accounts.

We usually need (if applicable):

  • User access to your online accounting software, categorised and reconciled to bank statements to your year end 
  • or spreadsheets with categorised income and expenditure for the year to your year end 
  • Bank statements for the whole year to and including your year end
  • Value of sales/costs incurred but not invoiced as at your year end
  • Value of sales/costs invoiced but not incurred as at your year end
  • Value of stock held (at the amount it cost the business) as at your year end
  • VAT returns and any workings covering the whole year to your year end
  • 6-character Companies House Authentication Code (for the first time only). Request it.
  • 10 or 13-digit Corporation Tax Reference (for the first time only). Request it.