Why are emails so important?

We predominantly use emails to contact clients, and prefer emails from clients, for several advantages listed below. So it is important to check that you are receiving all of our emails, that you read them, and if necessary respond to them as soon as you can. Of course, if you prefer to talk, that’s fine. There will be a link in the signature of our emails to make an appointment.

  • Automation. To keep our fees low, we automate a lot of emails. These will usually come from [email protected] so please check you continue to receive emails from this address.
  • Records. Emails automatically provide us both with a note of communications and attachments that can be referred to in future.
  • Information. It’s much easier to provide more information in an email, such as links, attachments, amounts to pay, and references.
  • Off the spot. With an email we can take our time and give a fully considered response.
  • Reminders. Email software can be used to set reminders to follow up, chase, or take action.
  • Anytime. Emails can be read and written at any time. However, we believe that clear boundaries are important for a happy work-life balance. So we only look at and respond to emails during office hours and not at all during holidays.