Why is my monthly bill for several months ago?

If we started billing you after the start of an accounting period, your bill will mention that the fee for that service is for a number of months ago. This is to help us determine whether or not a final amount is payable if/when you decide to leave us.

For example, let’s say we start billing you in month 6 of the first accounting year that we prepare accounts for. Your monthly bill will state for the accounts fee that it is “for the month of trading 5 months ago” i.e. the bill sent in month 6 relates to the accounts fee for month 1. Then let’s say we prepare your annual accounts for you in month 12 (before the year end for an easy example). At that point we have only billed you for 7 monthly accounts fees (months 6 to 12). So if you were to leave at that point, we will need to bill you a further 5 months of accounts fees, to take the total number of monthly payments up to 12. For more details see the FAQ: Is there a tie-in period?